Bliss Brothers Solar is a local, family-owned solar energy business. We guarantee a 25 year labor defective warranty on all of our solar installs.

Our Mission

Empowering Lives with Sustainable Energy at Bliss Brothers Solar, our mission is to harness the power, placing control back into your hands through the delivery of affordable and accessible energy solutions to families and communities. With a wealth of experience in the solar industry spanning installation, service, and consultations, we are dedicated to ensuring that every homeowner can tap into their home's potential to generate sustainable and reliable energy. Join us in updating your home with solar today, as we strive to make clean energy a reality for all.

Our Services

Solar Panel Consultations

Solar Panel Consultations

Find out today if solar is a good fit for you! Consultations are free and easy.


Is your home structurally and electrically sound? Contact us and we will help you find out!
Solar Panel Installations

Solar Panel Installations

We install solar panels and repair poor installations made by other solar companies.
Need roofing or gutter work done?

Need roofing or gutter work done?

For more information visit our brother company.
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