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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as you own your own home and can make sound decisions, you're not too old for Solar. Currently, our oldest customer is 90 years old! He looks like he's 30 years younger than he is. Most of our older customers go solar to update their home, add value and leave another great gift for their posterity.

There may be a few options for incentives you could qualify for. This is based off a few factors, including your utility company and qualifying for the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which is a federal solar tax credit.

We ensure our panels are tier one panels, meaning they are top quality. We do offer panels from China, as well as North America, Germany, Italy and the USA.

Yes, we offer battery options! Batteries are a great way to store the energy that your panels make after the sun goes down or in the event of a power outage.

We offer zero-money down, no out-of-pocket options.

I believe so! You will definitely have something to talk about!

A report from Berkeley and other reputable sources, solar does add value to your home and will help it sell faster than homes without solar. Read the report by Clicking Here.

If you have zero tax liability, you may not qualify. We encourage you to seek advice from an accountant or CPA.

You may be entitled to a rebate from your electric company. Normally, this would be disbursed to you within a few weeks following your solar installation. Feel free to reach out for an in-person consultation to find out if your utility company is participating in this.

The manufacturers guarantee solar production anywhere from 25 to 30 years, depending on the brand you use.

Depends on what you're currently paying your electric company. Some electric utility providers charge more than others. Most homeowners are able to save several thousands of dollars. Our solar financing creates a lock against inflation, which is great news for you!

We are a local, family-owned and operated company. Most solar companies use other companies or subcontractors to install your PV solar system. This can affect the quality control of your installation. All of our installations are turnkey and in-house. We are fully insured, licensed, and bonded. We have licensed electricians. Furthermore, we own a professional roofing company and understand how to properly install without causing leaks. This is why we offer a lifetime labor defective warranty, whereas many of our competitors just offer 5 to 10 years.

Not always, there are a few factors that determine your eligibility and whether solar is right for you. You need enough production from the panels and savings for it to make sense. We will be able to determine this with a free, no-hassle consultation Contact Us for more information.

Some people do not like the way solar panels look; however, there are a few options to help with the aesthetics. There are certain situations where the efficiency would be negatively impacted, which would make going solar not make as much sense. A couple of examples of this would be poor positioning of the panels and a roof that is too steep or doesn't have enough space.

You can sell the panels with the house, take them with you or have them transferred.

We recommend having your roof fixed or replaced. Most solar systems have a 25-year manufacturer warranty and can last far beyond the warranty. Visit our brother company Bliss Brothers Roofing for more information.

Very little maintenance is involved, if any. However, we do recommend cleaning them one or two times a year.

We do solar PV installations. We do roof mounts, ground mounts, shops, barns and small businesses.

While the technology of batteries has made leaps and bounds for the past few years, at this time it is simply not cost-effective and, in most cases, batteries will not last much more than ten years. We still offer battery options for those that would like to be off grid or have some form of backup.

Every insurance company is different. In most cases, we find installing solar on your home does not increase your homeowner's insurance. We recommend checking with your agent to verify with your particular insurance company if there would be any added expense for your home.

Just as you can get a sunburn on a cloudy day; your solar system will produce, just a little less than normal. With the UV rays, your solar system will still produce solar.

Not if installed properly. There are many solar installers who don't understand the logistics or anything about roofing and have caused thousands upon thousands of dollars in damages. This is one of the many reasons our company outshines the rest. We own a professional roofing company and understand how to properly install without causing leaks. This is why we offer a lifetime labor defective warranty, whereas many of our competitors just offer 5 to 10 years.

We offer a 25 labor defective warranty of the panels. The manufacturer warranties are anywhere from 25-30 years.

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